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Tokyo Sky Tree open

The world’s tallest tower is now open to the world to visit after almost 4 years of construction with 580000 workers costing a total of roughly 65 billion yen for the tower alone.

The construction of the tower actually finished on the 29th of February earlier this year after a two month delay due to the earthquake but it’s today on the 22nd of May that they have actually allowed people to enter.

The main attractions are the two observation platforms at 350 meters (1148 feet) and 450 meters (1476 feet) as well as the restaurant with the best view of Tokyo, in fact, even better than Tokyo Tower which is only 333 meters (1093 feet) and only served as an observation tower to the public.

Since they are expecting to see about a hundred thousand visitors every week for the time being they have implemented the idea of having their visitors reserve their tickets rather than show up only to find out that it’s full. So, the only way to get a ticket for the Tokyo Sky Tree until the 11th of July this year is by reserving one on their website.


More photos here.