We are two senior high school students Jeff n’ Dan and we’re planning to go to Japan in the near future after our high school graduation. We are currently casually learning Japanese in our spare time between school, tutor and what not to prepare ourselves. The language barrier is only an obstacle that we need to overcome to achieve our goal. It’s only a matter of time before we’ll be able to experience what we’ve been dreaming about. Going to Japan.

This blog is mainly dedicated to Jeff’s standard blog posts, Dan’s anime reviews, the occasional Japan trip update and news in Japan that interest us. It’s a bit all over the place but what can you expect from a collaborative blog?

  1. Good luck with your plans! I went over there in march 2010, first time going overseas and it was great, except I didn’t have anyone to enjoy the experience with.

    Looking forward to reading all about your experiences.

  2. good luck with your plans!

    for someone who has been staying in japan for 7 months now and knows only few japanese words (“sumimasen” the most useful haha!), i never felt uncomfortable, frustrated and never run out of places to see or new things to try, so i am pretty sure you will have a blast..

    i just wish i was able to come here when i was younger like you guys are..

  3. I like your blog a lot ! keep at it !

  4. Good dream
    What brings you to Japan? yes learn the language as you can but don’t be worry you will be able to talk after a while …Japanese are awar of the hardness of their language. they are very pacient with foreigners.
    Let’s be in contact

  5. hi. thanks for dropping by my blog! i think this is exciting! i followed your blog. hope you enjoy Japan a lot. I think you’ll learn the language pretty fast. i studied it for a year during college, but i got more help from watching anime and Jdramas than i did from the class. *lol*
    anyway, wish you all the best. i wish i could come to Japan too someday. :3

  6. It’s pretty exciting when anticipating a journey like this, isn’t it? Both of you will do great! Keep each other close and you can’t go wrong. Oh and good on ya for taking up Japanese! It’s a tough language to learn but with determination you can do it! Ganbatte! 😀

  7. You will have a great time in Japan, sure!

  8. I remember my first trip to Japan in 1985 as a 23-year old. Never thought it would turn into 15 years.
    What an experience it was living in Japan.
    I hope you guys have fun.
    Absorb as much as you can.
    It’s a whole other world out there.
    You are in for the ride of your lives.

  9. Hope you have a blast!

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