The truth about seiyuu

Hey guys, just moved the article over to a place where I’m more active nowadays and can more readily respond to comments.


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  1. Voice acting really is a lot of work, and really unappreciated. I actually didn’t know about the seiyuu you mentioned doubling as ero-seiyuu using aliases, and I feel kinda dumb for not even thinking about it.

    I was equally disturbed by the rabid anti-fan growth for Hirano-san — and it certainly doesn’t diminish her raw talent at all.

    But while a lot of people are probably more sympathetic for the seiyuu situation in Japan, it bothers me that some fans won’t extend the same courtesy to localizations. Dubs outside of the original language is a tough deal, and even less appreciated.

    I won’t touch the whole Dub vs. Sub debate, but it’s good to remind ourselves that it’s a hard road ahead for voice acting, regardless of where you are.

    • Thanks for the comment!

      I also won’t go near the Dub vs. Sub controversy as some dubs put in the same amount of effort as the Japanese seiyuu do, and do quite a good job — I know I wouldn’t have grown up quite the same if it wasn’t for dubbed Dragonball, Pokemon, Zoids, etc.

      And yes, Hirano Aya is quite talented and has a recognisable voice but it really is a shame her personal life is mixed with her professional life.

      Voice acting is tough, and considering the state of the Japanese economy (who am I kidding, like most economies out there) and the harshness of a niche anime industry, it really isn’t worthwhile unless you have that burning passion for your job. Kitamura Eri is one example of a seiyuu who really loves her job and is doing a great job!


  2. Great post you’ve written here! I have heard about seiyuus being underpaid but not about actual figures.

    I wish I could help out those seiyuu by buying their singles but sigh, no money, what to do? ):

    • Thanks for commenting. 🙂
      I forgot to include this in my post but if you purchase character songs from some anime that they sing, they do not receive much of that income; it is split up between the royalties, lyric composition, and other related input which does not leave much to the actual singer — anybody with a nice sounding voice could fill that role anyways. So if possible, either try to buy BDs and DVDs or their actual singles that aren’t related to the anime industry in order to help support them. Or maybe help spread their name across the internet so more people can purchase their works.


  3. ah… i feel so sad reading this. my friend’s dream is to be a seiyuu n i’ve been supporting her ever since. we really respect seiyuu, and i believe they deserve better life.
    thanks for the info… hiks….

  4. Great post and those are real facts sadly i must admit. Well at least from your post, i’m prepared for the worst since i love voice acting and become more motivated after read this 😀

  5. thanks for the post. I cant speak japanese well and did not have a wide range of voice, thus being seiyuu is like a far off dream. But, the post didnt scare me, it sorta give me a challange? >.< one day i will go to Japan, and will go for audition for seiyuu! Its not about the money, i dont care getting underpaid, i want to do something i loved!

  6. Really nice article.
    I really like your energy pandagirl!! You inspired me. I should try harder too! xD (=^_^=)

  7. Wow, i expected a lot of harsh work for being a Seiyuu..but underpaid? hmmm seems kinda unfair since each eps got a lots lines if u r playing the main character…Guess Hanazawa Kana is really overworked then since he has a lot of roles for Autumn Anime 2013.

  8. aww.. beeing seiyuu is really REALLY hard.. now i know why they don get married even there age are 30+.. now i know why miyano mamoru get married in such a young age (24) now i know why anime have yaoi&yuri&hentai&harem&ecchi and stuff.. seriously.. STOP HATING SEIYUU!! THEY WORK REALLY HARD!!! EVEN UR VOICE IS NOT AS NICE AS THEM!!!! ARGHH!!!! I HATE SEIYUU ANTI FANS!!!! AND WATS WIF DAT STUPID VOW?! WHY SEIYUU HAVE TO DO DAT?!?! IF U REALLY ARE ANIME LOVER OR A SEIYUU LOVERS, U SHOULD BE HAPPY WHEN THEY ARE HAPPY!! STUPID ASSHOLE!!!! THEY DO DAT FOR LIVING!!!

    sorry for my harsh words.. imma big fans of seiyuu.. and a fujoshi too//eggnore this

    anyway, thanx for sharing this! it makes me double triple loving the seiyuu! XD im so lucky to find ur blog! power of seiyuu maybe? //slap haha thanx again dude/shista XD //kick

  9. I think ive seen this before.if any of u have watched sakurasou no pet na kanojou before,there was a part where it shows the reality of wanting to be a seiyuu

  10. I have a question about the welfare of the Japanese seiyu. Not touched in this article is the fact that they also do voicework for foreign shows like Disney, K-dramas and stuff. I wonder how much Hollywood distributors pay a seiyu for each episode as compared to anime companies?

  11. god lord , those so called fans who harass the seiyuu is really stupid. They work on av? Sooooo What? They doing great job as seiyuu that enough,love the voice no need to give a damn what they do irl to survive on this cruel world

  12. “Some fans have this twisted perception that seiyuu must swear a solemn oath of celibacy and never date a guy, and if they break this vow of chastity then they are filthy and unworthy of their attention.”
    She is an idol before all, it was part of her job to keep a clean reputation of herself and she obviously failed at it. I was getting sick of hearing her voice all the time anyway, good riddance.

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