Jeff’s Entry – People spend their time in Japan differently

I’ve seen this video being passed around countless times in the past week or so since the video has been uploaded all on different websites so I thought I’d give my own say on it. Although it is nice to see his work gain the attention that it deserves. Anyways, Mark Bramley says that he was in Tokyo for only TWO DAYS! There’s two things that I things I see wrong about that.

  1. When you go to Japan, why only two days?
  2. How the hell did he manage to take 10000 photos in two days?!

I’ve had my Canon EOS 7D for about a year and a half by now. This camera is shared among myself, my dad and my brother who frequently uses it to make Youtube videos and together we’ve only taken 9290 photos (IT’S OVER 9000!!). 9290 photos seems like a lot but he managed to take more photos than we have in 200 times less time! Although he did use the photos to construct multiple time lapse clips so I can understand where the 10000 photos went but accomplishing that in 2 days is amazing. I can’t even film a measly 10 minute school project in a week but he some how he films one of the best 3 minute videos of Tokyo nightlife I’ve ever seen in only two days! Most of the clips were taken at night so I can only imagine him running around like mad to find the next place to take photos. Hopefully he at least explored Tokyo a little during the day before he ran around at night to make this video.

Oh yeh, his camera. *drools* Yeh, I’d definitely trade mine for one of those. The EOS 7D pretty much just takes photos faster while his Mark II dominates my camera in terms of photo quality which is pretty much what most of us are looking for in a camera, am I right?

Now, Mike Matas on the other hand also went to Japan but for one week and took over 4000 photos. I haven’t seen this video circulate around the Internet as much but it’s definitely worth a mention. This is one of the best videos I’ve seen of a tourist couple travelling across Japan. It could be the music, it could be the photos, it could be just how he presented it or it could be his girlfriend *wink wink*. Either way, it was a great video overall and I’d strongly suggest you watch it.

Mike Matas used the same camera as Mark Bramley. Mmmm, I’m starting to see a pattern here.

So, time to compare the way these two (or three) people spent their time in Japan. One person used their time to make a brilliant time lapse of the nightlife in Tokyo. The other compiles thousands of photos of everyday life as a tourist in Japan with his girlfriend. So clearly, people have different reasons for visiting Japan whether it’s for work, family, a holiday, student exchange or education. Although, what they have to show for it will always vary from person to person which is what makes every picture/blog/video from a person in Japan unique.



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  1. great finds! the videos are different but they both manage to capture the “essence” of japan.

  2. Wow, these videos are amazing! Thanks for sharing. I’m interested to read some of your other posts too!

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