Jeff’s Entry – Time

Dan and I are currently on our school holidays so we’ve got about 4 or so weeks before school starts up again. Although this may be our last school holiday since we’ve both got a 2 week tutor course during the holidays and our standard school holiday is 2 weeks. The Christmas holidays are extended in Australia to about 5-7 weeks. We intended to spend this time dedicated to learn how to write/read Hiragana, Katakana and making this blog. Although since this is our last chance to really relax as high school students we’ve been spending most of our time watching anime, browsing Reddit (place is full of viruses *wink wink*), learning to read/write when we’ve got the will power to do so,  helping our parents with work, maintaining this blog to the best of our abilities and I’ve been playing the occasional match of Battlefield 3. So it’s been a mix of work and play.

So from what I’ve said it looks like we’ve got a lot of spare time and we do. However, when this time runs out we don’t know what’s going to happen considering the HSC (Higher School Certificate) is closing in fast. The HSC is basically an exam at the end of high school which determines whether we can go to university or not. We’ll eventually start to lose our spare time and dedicate it to revision and study (hopefully). It’d be great if we could continue to plan for our trip and maintain this blog while studying but it’s not certain. Just a warning in advance that we’re going to gradually slow down in our blogging activity.

Anyways, I hope you’ve had a great year so far because it’s coming to a close. Have a Happy New Year!



About JD Japan

Two senior high school students Jeff n' Dan who plan to go to Japan in the near future after graduation. Before we do that, we'll just be blogging about Japan-related stuff or talk about ourselves.

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  1. @Reddit – I can spend from 2 minutes to 3 hours looking at reddit, they really get you.
    @Battlefield 3 – Aw, you guys play any other games? (starcraft 2, heroes of newerth, minecraft, the old republic)

    • I’m glad I’m slowly escaping the death grip of Reddit. It’s true that Redditors can easily spend hours unintentionally after clicking a few links.

      I used to play Minecraft excessively but I’ve stopped in the past several months. My brother plays a lot of Starcraft 2 and is aiming for master’s league. I don’t really remember but I think he’s in the top 10% and plays zerg. I don’t think Dan plays games and I’ve been sticking to Battlefield 3 lately, sorry =\
      Here is my Battlelog info for PC if you play


  2. Unfortunately I don’t play BF3, was considering when it released though. GL HF to you on your HSC though, seems that it’s different over there compared to America. I’ve been starting to slowly slack off since 2nd semester doesn’t matter and instead, applying to universities like crazy, just hoping to get in. If you ever get back into minecraft, let me know 🙂

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