Jeff’s Entry – Christmas in Australia

Australia as a country does its best to join in on the festivities as it’s portrayed on TV filmed in America. We decorate our shopping centres, we exchange presents (sometimes), we play Christmas music, we air Christmas movies on TV and some of us Australians get into the Christmas spirit and decorate our houses. My family was lazy this year and just put up a couple Christmas lights on the windows on Christmas Eve. So, Christmas isn’t all about the presents and the decorations but also having the family get together. What each family does together is different. Some families may just have a Christmas dinner in each other’s company or go on a trip together and sadly some don’t acknowledge Christmas as an opportunity to catch up.

From what I know, Christmas in Australia depends on what sort of ethnic background you come from. Asian families tend to not celebrate Christmas as much as others and at best they gather and go on a trip. This may be because Asian people are known to love travelling. My family loves to travel and we’re currently in the Gold Coast, Brisbane far from Sydney (currently typing this up in the hotel room). We don’t really see this time of year as a time to be festive but just an opportunity to go somewhere together even though we don’t communicate with each other very well. To be honest, I don’t get the whole ‘at home’ feeling when I’m with my family. It’s a little sad but to me they’re just people I’ve spent my life with. It may just be the communication within the family or it could be just me.

Anyways, I envy people who have great families. I’ve got this one friend that comes to mind. I’ve visited his place with Dan before and my Lord. They communicate so well together and we could feel the family love. It just warmed us up and we were at peace. To this day, we’re still unsure why we felt so cosy and sleepy that night at his house. It was only 7 PM but we felt as though we could pass out at any second.

To those of you who are in Japan right now for Christmas and New Years. Please enjoy yourselves on our behalf and compensate for Dan and I’s boring lives.

I hope you all show your family and friends some love. Dan and I both wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



About JD Japan

Two senior high school students Jeff n' Dan who plan to go to Japan in the near future after graduation. Before we do that, we'll just be blogging about Japan-related stuff or talk about ourselves.

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  1. I never knew Christmas was taken so casually in Western countries. I guess coming from America and having friends from European countries gave me the impression everyone feels its a rather big deal. In America it’s obviously the biggest day of the year, only rivaled by July 4th. To my European friends it was similarly as big. This explains why my gf had no Christmas concept even though she lived in Australia for a year. Interesting.

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