Bakeries in Japan

So to the people who have already been to Japan and dropped by at a local bakery, they should know that Japanese bread is  not what you’d normally see back home (America, Canada, Australia or what not assuming you’re a foreigner). From what I’ve seen in videos and anime, the bread there is unique. The way they’re baked and what they’re made from is nothing the boring me would have ever thought of. I mean, they’ve got the strangest breads I would have thought never existed. My descriptions of what I think won’t do any justice so this video should help.

The bread that we (JD) are most eager to get our hands on is the melon pan. Not only because anything with melon flavour is awesome (candies or soda) but also because we’re easily influenced by anime. From countless anime series, melon pan has made an appearance. Shakugan no Shana and DearS are just some I can name at the top of my head. So over the years that we’ve been watching anime we’ve been fed the idea that melon pan is the king of all breads (in anime at least). When we head over there we won’t be going to the nearest konbini and showering ourselves with that cheap stuff. No, we’re going to get the good stuff at bakeries. That’s where the magic happens. Our first bite into that crisp layer of that cookie crust and into the soft bun… I can imagine our faces lightening up and looking at each other thinking the same thing, “This is it, this is the bread of the Gods that we’ve seen depicted in anime”. This would probably be short lived after we try the other breads but it’ll definitely be our first choice in a local bakery in Japan.

Just look at that... come on. Irresistible right?

Another bread we’re keen to try is the yakisoba bread. The kind of food that anime depicts unhealthy high school students buying during lunch from the cafeteria. It’s not the best looking thing that I’d want to eat but I’ve heard good things about it. Wouldn’t mind giving it a try but personally I’m not entirely sure cold yakisoba in bread would suit my appetite.

Toppings optional



About JD Japan

Two senior high school students Jeff n' Dan who plan to go to Japan in the near future after graduation. Before we do that, we'll just be blogging about Japan-related stuff or talk about ourselves.

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  1. Hi ya! Japanese bakeries are indeed fabulous; they’re something I’ll miss terribly when I leave Japan.

    Like the video says though, melon pan don’t actually taste like melon. It just tastes like sweet bread. The outside layer is sugary and the inside is just normal-ish though a bit fluffy bread. Melon pan is a sort of staple in the bread industry, and recently they’ve been coming out with variations on it, like ones with chocolate chips, or white chocolate chips, or half chocolate on the outside. They’re nice and big and filling.

    I’ve also had the yakisoba bread. It’s carbs on carbs and delicious because it seems so wrong. It can be a very filling (and cheap) meal.

    My favorite kinds of breads though are ones with cream in them. Yum.

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