Introduction: Jeff — I’m Jeff and I’m a terrible blogger

Dan and I first started this pact that we’d go to Japan together after our high school graduation probably around a couple months ago. Ever since then we’ve been like little school girls every time Japan is mentioned. The first night of our pact we were on a Skype call plotting our trip for several hours into the early morning despite having to go to school. That’s basically how this duo started.


Our first notes of our trips were very basic but it still got the blood pumping. We couldn’t sleep and it felt like nothing could stop us from our goal of going to Japan and going nuts by impulse buying anything that’s anime related or anything that is remotely interesting.

Anyways, I’m Jeff and I’ve been intrigued by how interesting and unique the Japanese culture was. I’m not exactly proud that this passion started from anime but from what I’ve read it isn’t exactly a hobby that people approve of. Whatever, I’m a foreigner, what do I care, Anime is amazing. I’ve picked up some words from anime but that’s not enough to say that I can understand Japanese. I’ve started to learn some hirigana and I’ve scoured the Internet for some good audio tapes but most of them are either bad or relate to business terminology. So, anyone know some good audio tapes? >:D


About JD Japan

Two senior high school students Jeff n' Dan who plan to go to Japan in the near future after graduation. Before we do that, we'll just be blogging about Japan-related stuff or talk about ourselves.

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  1. I don’t know about audio tapes, but for audio learning, JapanesePod101 is by far your best bet. Excellent for beginners; I’m not sure how far up they go level-wise, but for people who are self-learning or just watching anime, there should be no problem! 🙂

    • I’ve actually tried JapanesePod101 and I agree that they do have a lot of good resources for beginners although I found it rather time consuming. I remember there were 6-12 minutes audios on the simplest things. For example, there was an audio that went for several minutes just for introductions which could have been cut down easily to a few minutes.

      Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll pay another visit and re-evaluate their resources.

  2. Introductions probably could have gone on longer. There are a ton in Japanese, and they are all situational related. Japanese are obsessed with beginnings and endings and the language reflects that.

    You could try Harry Potter in Japanese, although it’s likely waaaaaaay too advanced and fast. Although it will get you listening to Japanese.

    Your best bet is a video series that the Japanese government developed in 3 sections. The first 2 sections are called “Yan-san and the Japanese People”. You can find it on youtube although I personally recommend downloading the series on a torrent or something if you can. Anyway, the series starts at the most basic level and goes up to pretty advanced. If you’re looking to begin the Japanese adventure I think Yan-san is by far the best bet. Warning: it’s old and cheesy, but honestly most of Japan looks exactly like the video anyway (minus the cars). The best part of the video is that it all takes place IN Japan with actual real Japanese people. It’s a good culture introduction as well.

    The third part is a website:

    It’s pretty good actually. It might appeal to you more as the age is similar and it deals with a girl’s issues in high school. I haven’t watched the whole thing as it’s fairly simple but that’s exactly what you’re looking for. All 3 video series have great repition and singling out the target grammar/vocab etc.

    Just search for “Let’s Learn Japanese”.

    I use Japanesepod along with other things. It has its faults but overall it’s pretty good imo.

  3. My interest in Japan started from watching anime as well. How else can a foreigner get introduced to the culture besides a historical context unless you know Japanese people personally? But my interest has grown into so much more, I want to taste the food, go to a museum, a bookstore, explore the non-tourist parts, just have fun.

    • My sentiments exactly. Anime really was the trigger for me to be absorbed into Japanese culture and I didn’t exactly have a Japanese friend to talk to when I was young (even now, I don’t), so the informative translator notes pretty much tutored me on various aspects of Japan that I was oblivious to before. So I picked up more and more series in hope that I could learn more but eventually you hit a general point where anime cannot help to satiate your increasing curiosity and need for knowledge. Therefore, I’d like to go to the country itself to experience everything that I’ve wanted to experience and as you pointed out, exploring new streets, visiting historical monuments and sites, and having fun in general are definitely on the list.

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